Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki

Osaka is an okonomiyaki restaurant located in Esaka. We welcome you with carefully selected ingredients such as creative okonomiyaki.

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A moderately sweet sauce with less sourness. The original special dough has condensed umami, and the flavors of pork and seafood are in perfect harmony.


Thick noodle yakisoba, which uses raw noodles purchased daily, is boiled for each order. The sauce goes well with a variety of flavors.


In pursuit of “only available here”, we have standard dishes and creative menus.


Providing a voluminous menu at a reasonable price. Here in Osaka, of course, Okonomiyaki and rice are a set.

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Course & Drink

The all-you-can-drink course is popular with groups. You can choose from 3 courses of ¥ 3900 to ¥ 5000 per person.

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Takeout & Delivery

Not only take-out deals but also home delivery to nearby people. Uber Eats are also available for distant people.

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大阪は江坂に構えるお好み焼き工房。 和モダンの雰囲気漂う空間で、お好み焼きのみならず創作鉄板料理など、こだわりの食材を取り入れて皆様をお迎え致します。
Osaka is an Okonomiyaki workshop located in Esaka. In a space with a modern Japanese atmosphere, we welcome you with not only okonomiyaki but also creative iron plate dishes and other carefully selected ingredients.

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